Tour Policies

  • Our policy is to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and facilities, as well as the continuous supply of safe, reliable service to our community. Please read the following information carefully.
  • Minnesota Power offers tours to educational institutions and organizations.
  • Persons who have cardiac pacemakers are prohibited from participating in our hydroelectric plant tours.
  • Public tours are booked on a first-come basis and require a minimum of three weeks advance notice. All tours are limited to 30 people, except the M.L. Hibbard Facility, which is limited to 12. All facilities require minimum age of 12.
  • The organization requesting a tour must provide a list of names of all tour attendees, a contact name and phone number a minimum of five working days prior to the the tour. Schools must provide three adult chaperones.
  • No backpacks, briefcases, camera, cell phones, video recording devices, etc. are allowed in any facility.
  • Appropriate dress is mandatory for all tours, which includes pants, closed-toed walking shoes and clothing accessories for expected weather. Due to safety concerns, visitors with inappropriate dress may not be able to tour the entire operational facility. Minnesota Power will provide additional safety equipment, when required, to tour a facility. (i.e. hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection).
  • Our facilities are not handicapped accessible.
  • All tour participants must remain under the control and guidance of the tour guide. Any person or group deviating from the guided tour may be escorted from the facility.