Pyramid of Conservation

You have the power to decide how you use energy.

One change, one choice is all it takes.

The choice to be more energy efficient may be clear, but the starting point can be more difficult to determine. The Pyramid of Conservation is designed to help you prioritize steps and develop an action plan that's right for you. By establishing a foundation in energy efficiency and gaining a better understanding about how you use energy, you can more effectively work your way up the pyramid.

Pyramid of Conservation image map Fixtures Understanding CFLs SmartPak A\C Attic Walls Improvements and Plug Load Walls Crawl Spaces Renewable Energy Unplug Portable Devices On-Site Analysis Seal Attic Bypasses Attics Windows Dishwasher Home Entertainment Centers Action Plan Refrigerator/Freezer Roundup Air Sealing Computers Weather Stripping Furnaces Tips and Tools New Construction Design MyAccount Foundations Heat Pumps Appliances Lighting Clotheswashers Solar Electric Insulation and Ventilation Hot Water Settings Routine Maintenance Water Heating Temperature Settings Home Energy Yardstick Refrigerator Drain Water Heat Recovery Replacements Wind Heating and Cooling LED

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Power of begins with you