Kill A Watt Meters

Kill A Watt MeterMinnesota Power has teamed up with several service territory libraries (Kitchigami Regional Library System, Great River Regional Library System and Arrowhead Regional Library System) to make available to their patrons the kill a watt™ electric consumption meter.

Participating libraries are making the meters available for check out—just like a library book. These devices (about five inches by two-and-a-half inches in size) can monitor the electrical consumption of any 120-volt appliance, such as refrigerators, microwave ov­ens and televisions, and give the user an idea of how much energy the appliance is using.

Included in the meter’s carrying case is a worksheet to help you convert your energy usage into dollars. The goal is to provide a good idea of where your electric energy dollars are being spent so you can make informed decisions when purchasing or upgrading appliances—and help conserve energy. To meter an electrical appliance, simply plug the Kill A Watt meter into a regular 120-volt electrical outlet and then plug the appliance into the front of the meter. At the press of a button, the meter displays alternating readouts of total time the appliance has been plugged in and total energy used in kilowatt hours. Instructions are included with the meter on how to determine an appliance’s monthly cost of operation.

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