Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Rebate

$300 Rebate on ENERGY STAR® Qualified* Heat Pump Dryer

Available on purchases made Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024

*Must be replacing an existing traditional electric dryer or installing in new construction

Rebate Form | Participating Retailers | Participating Utilities

3 Ways to Receive Your $300 Rebate on a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer:

    Click here to apply for your rebate through our easy online form!
    Complete a paper rebate form (download here) and mail it to the address on the form.
    Pick up a paper rebate form at a participating retailer while shopping for an eligible smart thermostat in person.

Important Notes:

  • You must be a residential retail customer of a participating utility.
  • Include a copy of the sales receipt on the rebate form.
  • Expect your rebate check in 8–10 weeks.
  • For questions about the status of your rebate, please call 1-855-669-8196.

What is a heat pump dryer?

A heat pump dryer works as a closed loop system by heating the air using it to remove moisture from the clothes and then reusing it once the moisture is removed. Rather than releasing warm, humid air through a dryer vent to the exterior of the home as a conventional dryer does, a heat pump dryer sends it through an evaporator to remove the moisture without losing too much heat. Making use of a refrigerant as part of this process means less electricity is used to generate heat.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR® Heat Pump Dryers:

  • Easy to install since they don’t require ventilation
  • Can reduce energy use by at least 28% compared to standard dryers
  • Dries laundry at low temperatures, so they are gentler on clothes

For even more information on what to consider when purchasing a heat pump clothes dryer, visit the ENERGY STAR® Heat Pump dryer web page.

Get the most out of your heat pump dryer!

These tips will ensure you’re making the most of your new ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump dryer.

  • Pair your dryer with an ENERGY STAR® certified front-load washer, which removes significantly more water from your laundry during the final spin cycle, for maximum efficiency
  • Use the sensor setting to stop your dryer as soon as your laundry is done
  • Your heat pump dryer already uses relatively low heat compared to a standard electric dryer — using the lowest heat setting makes it even more efficient
  • Regular maintenance, including cleaning the filters, keeps your dryer running efficiently and improves its lifespan

Source: ENERGY STAR® heat pump dryer website.

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