Dehumidifier Rebate

$25 Limited Time Bonus Rebate on ENERGY STAR® Qualified Dehumidifiers

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Available June 1–July 31, 2019

Units must be purchased by July 31 to qualify for the rebate.

How to Get Your $25 Rebate on an ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifier

  1. Purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR® dehumidifier.
    Note: You must be a customer of a participating utility.
  2. Submit your online rebate request here, or submit a completed paper rebate form (download here or pick up at participating retailer). Include a copy of the sales receipt to the address on the rebate form. Expect your rebate check in 8–10 weeks.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR® Qualified Dehumidifiers

  • A 40-pint ENERGY STAR® qualified dehumidifier can save consumers roughly $20 per year. This can add up to $200 or more over the 10-year life of the unit. That's enough to pay for the dehumidifier!
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified models have more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans than conventional models, which means they use less energy to eliminate moisture.
  • An ENERGY STAR® qualified model removes the same amount of moisture as a similar sized standard unit, but uses less energy—at least 10% less, and in some cases, up to 23% less.

For questions about the status of your rebate, call 1-800-677-8423 (option 1).

For even more information on what to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier, visit the ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifier Web page.

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