Energy Conservation in YOUR community

Community Blitz-Park Rapids, MN


Minnesota Power is excited to be working with the Park Rapids community to bring personalized energy-saving recommendations and products to your homes and businesses.

Beginning October 1, 2020, Minnesota Power representatives will be focused on providing free energy efficiency services to small businesses and residents as part of a Community Blitz initiative designed to spur energy action within Northern Minnesota.

As part of this Community Blitz, qualifying residents are given the opportunity to learn from energy professionals on how they can save energy and lower their bills. Participants will also be eligible to receive free energy-saving products.


  • Your home or property must be located in Minnesota Power’s service area within the Park Rapids community.

PLUS, for a limited time only, Minnesota Power is partnering with Minnesota Energy Resources to provide you a comprehensive analysis that addresses both electric and gas usage!

Small Business Energy Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times for the world, and has hit small businesses especially hard. Minnesota Power is here to help.

Are you a small business looking for ways to lower your electric bill? Now is the time to take action. We are offering a free energy analysis to small businesses to identify ways they can save energy, take advantage of enhanced incentives, and utilize tools to create an energy-saving plan. In addition to this service, Minnesota Power representatives may install energy-efficient products for eligible businesses at the time of the visit to jump-start their journey to saving energy and money.

All small business visits will be conducted in a safe manner following CDC and state guidelines.

Schedule a visit by calling (877) 334-2675 or emailing with your business name, contact person, address, and phone number.

VIRTUAL Home Energy Analysis

With many homeowners and renters spending more time at home, energy use is on the rise resulting in higher energy bills. That’s where we come in. Energy professionals will be conducting virtual energy analyses for all eligible residents in Park Rapids.

What is a virtual energy analysis?

During a live video call, you will guide an energy professional through your home to help you find ways to save energy and money. You will receive recommendations on what you can do now to make a difference. As a bonus, your energy professional will hand-pick products for your home, deliver them to your doorstep, and follow up with a phone call to assist with installation to start you on your way to saving energy and money, all at no cost to you. Free products could include LED bulbs, faucet aerators, smart power strips, and more.

This is your chance to take control of your energy use.

Sign up today by calling (877) 334-2675 or emailing

Questions on Energy Conservation?

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