ASHP-Cold Climate Ductless Rebate

$1,000 Rebate

on Ductless Cold Climate ASHPs for Homes with Electricity as the Primary Heating Source*

In order to receive a Minnesota Power rebate, you must use a participating contractor. Click here for a directory of Minnesota Power's participating contractors.

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What is a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump (ccASHP)?

A new generation of ASHPs has been hitting the market in recent years that benefit those in colder climates such as the Midwest. The technology has improved drastically over the years, allowing these systems to provide heat at higher efficiencies in subzero temperatures. This advancement in technology is making the use of these ccASHP’s even more attractive to people living in areas where winters are especially cold. The heating capabilities of these systems allow for heating not only in the shoulder months, but well into the winter months too. Not only are heat pumps great alternatives to the classic cooling (and dehumidification) systems, but with the technological advancements of the ccASHPs, they are a great alternative to conventional heating methods as well.

Note: Ductless heat pumps also go by the name of Mini-Split systems.

How to Get Your Rebate on a ductless ccASHP

  • Purchase and have installed a new ductless ccASHP by December 31, 2023. A program participating contractor will provide proper installation services.
  • You must use a program participating contractor to qualify for the rebate. Contractors will complete the paperwork necessary for the rebate.

Participation Requirements

  • Applies to new construction or where electricity is the primary heat source. Also includes the replacement of non-working and working ASHPs.
  • Unit must have the following specifications:
    • COP ≥ 1.75 at 5°F
    • HSPF2 ≥ 8.5 (10 HSPF Equivalent)
    • SEER2 ≥ 15 (15 SEER Equivalent)
      • NOTE: Subject to change based on Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) efficiency specifications for cold climate models.
  • Qualifying equipment does not include reconditioned or resale equipment.
  • You must be a residential retail customer of a participating utility.
  • The system must be installed by a program participating contractor. Click here for a directory of Minnesota Power's participating contractors.

Please allow 8–10 weeks for receipt of rebate check.

For questions about the status of your rebate, call 1-855-669-8196.

* Minnesota Power and participating municipal utilities, by providing this rebate, do not warrant the equipment or the work of the contractor and are not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the equipment. The sponsoring utilities reserve the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Rebate subject to homeowners working with a participating contractor and to contractor meeting performance standards. The contractor will file the rebate for you. Rebate cannot exceed total project cost including product and labor.

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