Spring Air Source Heat Pump Promotion

We are providing increased rebates this spring for Cold Climate ASHP.

Special offer valid from April 1- June 30, 2020.

Product Standard Rebate Promo Rebate Details
ASHP- Cold Climate Ducted $1000 $1200 ENERGY STAR® certified, furnace-integrated Cold Climate ASHP
ASHP- Cold Climate Ductless $1000 $1200 Ductless Cold Climate ASHP (mini-split) with electricity as the primary heating source
Smart Thermostats $50 $75 Thermostats or mini-split Wi-Fi adapters allowing remote control from phone or computer. Must control an electric heat source


  • Contractor spiffs increase to $200 for any Cold Climate unit installed during promotional period.
  • Adapters/Thermostats making ASHP units wireless (Wi-Fi enabled) qualify for the smart thermostat rebate.
  • Unit must be installed during the promotional period to qualify.
  • NEW! Spring ASHP Promotion templates can be found by clicking on the ‘View Available Templates’ button below

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