Electric Vehicle Service Equipment

Minnesota Power invites commercial customers to apply for a* free smart electric vehicle charger to be installed on their property for public use.Please read information below and fill out the survey to be considered for this limited offer.

In order to increase the amount of publicly available charging stations within Northeastern Minnesota, Minnesota Power is purchasing electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) that will be donated to qualifying customer host sites. In addition, Minnesota Power will rebate customers for installation expenses up to 80% of the cost with a maximum payment of $1500.

We encourage customers from a variety of geographic areas, various organizations, business or other entities to show their interest through this process.Examples of prime locations include, hotels, resorts, retail centers, downtowns, parks, multi-unit dwelling complexes, government centers, and non-profits.

To qualify you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Minnesota Power customer (in good standing)
  • Site must be in Minnesota Power service area
  • Dedicate (reserve) a minimum of two parking spaces to EV charging
  • Access to electric service (240 volt)
  • Contract with an electrician and/or other contractors to install the equipment
  • Located within quarter mile of an area where people spend several hours
    • Close to retail, restaurants, parks, or other amenities
  • Have dusk to dawn lighting
  • Accessible to public 24/7
  • Site hosts are responsible for electric usage and demand charges on their account
  • Site must have snow and ice removal for year round chargers access
  • Agree to terms and conditions in our Donation Agreement[Link to donation agreement]

Details about the equipment:

  • Level 2 chargers require 240 volt circuit, and depending on the charging unit, the properly sized wire and breakers must be installed.
  • The base unit is a 40 Amp 240 volt charger.
  • The base unit has two connectors or ports.
  • Units may be wall or pedestal mounted.
  • The units will come with a 5 year warranty, data, and maintenance plan.
  • These are ‘Smart’ chargers.They have the ability to collect data about charging sessions, vehicles, usage, and other data.Minnesota Power will collect and analyze data.
  • To find out more about EV charging visit our webpage.
  • Site hosts will have the capability to monitor charger usage.Site hosts will also be able to control charger use, with charger online portal. Additionally, site hosts may have the ability to charge EV drivers for their electricity usage.

Minnesota Power will be reviewing applications on a case by case basis to determine the suitability of each site for this program.Click on the link below to access the survey and provide as much detailas possible in your answers. If you have questions about this program, status or your site’s suitability you may inquire by calling 218-355-3227.