Landlord Information

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A landlord’s job is a complex one. Minnesota Power can help you with tenant transitions and provide information about the rules and regulations governing utility companies and rental properties.

We have options designed specifically for landlords and property managers:

  • Combined billing option enabling landlords to receive all their monthly billings in one mailing.
  • Landlords or Property Managers: To ensure a seamless transition between landlord and tenant accounts, please update Minnesota Power with any changes in your contact information. To check the status of a tenant’s account, or to inquire about possible service interruptions, a Tenant-Landlord Release of Information Form, will need to be submitted with each inquiry for Minnesota Power to release any information.

    Please Note: The form must be signed by both the tenant and the landlord, and dated within the last twelve (12) months.

  • Forms and informational links designed to facilitate more timely processing of new tenants and help reduce disputes and billing issues.