Distributed Generation

Interconnection Guidelines

The following documents were created by a group of industry stakeholders and approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to establish interconnection processes and standards for customers connecting distributed generation to Minnesota Power’s distribution system. All applicable forms and applications must be completed and reviewed by Minnesota Power prior to installation.

The Order Establishing Standards can be found in eDockets under Docket Number

Transmission Interconnection Guidelines

State Rules

Minnesota Power DG Rates

Minnesota Power (MP) offers three different tariffs applicable to distributed generation (DG) interconnected to MP's distribution system. The three tariffs are: Rider for Parallel Generation, Rider for Distributed Generation Service, and Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED).

Additional Resources

Minnesota Power Contacts

Questions Regarding DG Systems connected to Minnesota Power’s Distribution System:
Contact Paul Helstrom at 218-355-3720 or via e-mail at phelstrom@mnpower.com Requests for Interconnection to Transmission Facilities:
Contact Christian Winter at 218-355-2908 or via e-mail at cwinter@mnpower.com