Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading and Advanced Metering Infrastructure are data gathering processes that help Minnesota Power and its customers more efficiently control the use and production of electricity. The technology allows us to automatically and more frequently collect consumption, diagnostic and status data from your electric meter, and gives us quick access to meter data used for billing, analyzing and troubleshooting.

Some advantages of both AMR and AMI are:

  • Improved billing accuracy (reduction in estimated billings)
  • No reading your own meter
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced environmental impacts

The additional advantages of AMI are:

  • Monitoring and alarming of common customer problems such as high/low voltage, momentary outages, and sustained outages
  • Verification of power quality and outage restoration
  • Remote upgrades of meters, fewer site visits
  • The ability to offer new rate structures in the future