Additional Services

We ask that you make every attempt to serve new loads from one service point. It is Minnesota Power policy that the customer pays all actual costs for additional services unless:

  • Customers' premises are divided by a public road or alley preventing the customer from performing their own distribution of service.
  • Customers' buildings or operations are geographically separated to the extent that it is not electrically feasible for the customer to perform their own distribution of service.

Call your customer service representative for current set cost information for the following:

  • Meter pedestal with post installed
  • Pole and overhead meter loop installed
  • Overhead meter loop installed on existing Minnesota Power Pole
  • 30 foot pole installed
  • Primary anchor assembly installed
  • Secondary anchor assembly installed
  • Meter pedestal removed (leave post)
  • Meter loop removed (leave pole)
  • Secondary pedestal and underground to/up pole

As required by the Minnesota Electrical Act, statute 326.244 Inspections, Subdivision 3, Duty of the Electrical Utility, Minnesota Power cannot energize electric services until we have received the copy of the Request for Electrical Inspection or confirmation that the electrical inspection has been accomplished.