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EnergyForward is how we’re doing our part to provide safe, reliable and clean energy while helping to transform the way energy is produced, delivered and used in America. We’re strengthening the electric grid that delivers energy to homes, businesses and industry. We’re generating more power from renewable sources like the wind, water and sun. And we’re helping customers find ways to understand, manage and reduce their energy use.

Our road map to a clean energy future is based on a generation mix of one-third renewable energy, one-third coal and one-third natural gas.

Delivering safe, reliable electric energy from increasingly cleaner sources.

Our industrial customers make us different from most other utilities. More than half the electricity we sell is to industrial customers that operate around the clock, such as taconite plants and paper mills. We use both coal and renewable energy to reliably meet their power needs and keep Northeastern Minnesota working.

Ongoing investments and upgrades to support the continued reliability of our energy grid, integrate more renewable energy resources, enhance security, quicken responses to outages, and comply with federal standards. A smarter grid also will make it easier for you to track and manage your energy use and find new ways to save on your bill.

Total Average Residential Electric Rate is among the lowest
in the nation of 172 providers surveyed.—Edison Electric Institute, July 2016

Cleaner air, cleaner water

Laskin Energy Center switched from coal to natural gas in 2015

Generating electricity as Minnesota Power’s first natural-gas fired power plant.

Taconite Harbor Energy Center ceases coal operations by 2020
One of three generating units is retired and the other two have been idled.

Two 65-megawatt coal-fired generators at Boswell Energy Center will be retired in 2018.
We’ll continue to operate Boswell Unit 3 and Unit 4, our two largest generators that are among the cleanest and most efficient in the nation.

More renewable, carbon-free energy

Minnesota renewable energy standard: 25% of a utility’s electricity must come from renewable sources by 2025. Minnesota Power is 25% renewable in 2015—Meeting the mandate 10 years early.


We’re adding 33 megawatts of utility- and community-scale solar power, including a 10-megawatt solar energy array at Camp Ripley in central Minnesota. We also offer rebates for small-scale solar projects.

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