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Sam's Club Special Pricing
after Utility Discount at Sam's Club in Hermantown

Through December 31, 2017

An Assortment of and LED Bulbs at Special Prices:
  • 60–100W LED Equivalent
  • CFL Globe and Flood
  • CFL Dimmable and Three-way
  • CFL Indoor/Outdoor
  • LED Outdoor Flood

Select the bulbs that are right for you!

How Do I Participate?
As a Sam's Club member you can go to the Hermantown store and select the right bulb for the right job in your home. Take them to the register and you'll receive the special discounted price brought to you by your participating utilities:
  • Minnesota Power
Get a 6-pack of LED bright-stik bulbs only $5.88 at Sam's Club with Minnesota Power's instant rebate.  Link to GE LED bright stik information sheet.

Click here for more information on bright stik LED bulbs

You must be a customer of one of the above utilities to participate in this offer.

Bulb Type Current
Retail Price
(Per Package)
Price After
Utility Discount
(Per Package)
Item Description
Standard $14.88 $5.88 GE LED bright stik
60W equivalent General Use
(6 per package)
Standard $11.48 $7.48 GE 11W A-line LED
(Two per package)
Specialty $16.98 $14.98 15WT LED PAR38 (Two per package)
Specialty $18.98 $14.98 10 WATT LED (Two per package)
Indoor $13.48 $11.48 10W LED Recessed Downlight (One per package)
It begins with you!

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