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Good Life Cafe The Good Life Cafe Serves Up Energy Efficiency
Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business commercial conservation improvement program has been a powerful resource in helping The Good Life Cafe recognize energy-saving opportunities and upgrade lighting and HVAC equipment over the years. Read more
Upper Lakes Foods Food Distributor Has an Appetite for Energy Efficiency
Upper Lakes Foods works hand in hand with Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business conservation improvement program to test, install and verify high performance technologies that save electricity, lower costs and advance Uppper Lakes Foods' quality assurance goals—while meeting its commitment to sustainability. Read more
Cirrus Minnesota Air National Guard in Duluth Targets Energy Savings
With the help of Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business conservation improvement team the Minnesota Air National Guard in Duluth has reduced energy consumption by 37.5% over the past ten years. Read more
Cirrus Cirrus Aircraft Soars to New Heights of Energy Efficiency
Years of collaboration between Cirrus Aircraft and Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business conservation improvement program result in energy savings while ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment. Read more
Drones Drones Could Heighten Commercial Energy Savings
Drones and thermal imaging technology are being deployed in a research project funded by Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business conservation improvement program. Read more
North Shore Community Schools North Shore Community School
Solar powers school addition thanks to Minnesota Power and an array of energy efficiency measures. Read more
International Falls Lion Hotel Group and First Properties
Lion Hotel Group officials expect to see significant energy and cost savings at the new Holiday Inn Express & Suites thanks to LED lighting and energy-efficient PTACs with heat pumps and controls. Read more
International Falls Minnesota Power T12 Pilot Program
20 businesses in International Falls and Chisholm updated to energy-efficient LEDs during Minnesota Power's T12 Pilot Program. Read more
Minnesota Power Minnesota Power
With the help of the Power of One® Business team, Minnesota Power is walking the talk by showcasing energy-efficient technology in their newly remodeled employee cafeteria. Read more
Magnetation Magnetation
Since 2010, Minnesota Power’s Power of One® Business team has helped Magnetation identify and install many energy-saving technologies that fit the industry, reduce energy costs, lower operation and maintenance costs, qualify for incentives and have fast paybacks. Read more
City of Duluth City of Duluth
The City of Duluth's Energy Team and Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business program worked together toward reaching a 1 million kWh energy savings goal for the City of Duluth. Currently, the joint effort and improvements invested in by the city will save an estimated 898,000 kWh and lower both operating and maintenance costs. Read more
Gramma Polo's Bottle Shop Gramma Polo's
Energy-efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting and high performance mechanical and refrigeration systems have helped co-owners Jodi Polo and Tom Romundstad achieve a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Minnesota Power’s Power of One® Business team was a valuable partner in the effort. Read more
Miner's Inc. Super One Fopds Miner's Inc.
With the help of Minnesota Power's Power of One® Business team, the projected energy savings at the newly remodeled Super One Foods in Duluth's Kenwood neighborhood are over 800,000 kWh per year and nearly 62 kW in lowered demand. Read more
Tavern on the Hill Tavern on the Hill
Tavern on the Hill owner, the Black Woods Group, wanted their newest establishment to be a model of energy efficiency. For this reason, company officials contacted Minnesota Power’s Power of One® Business commercial energy conservation team very early in the design process to identify choices that would save energy, lower costs and minimize the facility’s carbon footprint. Read more
Combined upgrades have helped the DECC reduce electric demand by nearly 190 kW per month, save more than 1,300,000 kWh of electricity per year and cut annual energy and maintenance costs by more than $50,000. They also qualified for nearly $60,000 in Power of One® Business rebates from Minnesota Power. Read more
Peterson Properties Peterson Properties
Commercial real estate developer Joseph Peterson says lighting has always held a fascination for him. So when a chance encounter with representatives from Minnesota Power’s Power of One® Business program found him engaged in a discussion of LED exterior and parking lot lighting, his interest was piqued. Read more
Spirit Mountain Spirit Mountain
The new Grand Chalet at Spirit Mountain is a striking addition to the popular ski area and four-season recreation center, from its contemporary wood-frame design and inviting decor to its spectacular view of the slopes. Located at the base of Spirit Mountain, on Grand Avenue in Duluth, the 10,650-square-foot chalet also exemplifies peak performance in energy efficiency. Read more
Miller Hill Mall Miller Hill Mall
Simon says, "Conserve energy." That directive is not child's play for officials at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. It is a winning business strategy advanced by Simon Property Group, Inc., the mall's parent company and a leader in the global retail real estate industry. Read more
Great Lakes Aquarium Great Lakes Aquarium
The water wall at Great Lakes Aquarium is nearly impossible to miss. The cascading display dominates the aquarium's lobby and invites visitors to explore the global significance of water through etched glass symbols and icons from around the world. Read more
Canal Park Brewery Canal Park Brewery
This striking brick facility, accented with a gleaming steel silo for malted barley, is a model of energy and resource efficiency, from its light emitting diode (LED) lighting to its innovative brewing system, nicknamed "Gus." Read more
Trails Edge Trails Edge
Trails Edge qualified for more than $15,000 in PowerGrant rebates from Minnesota Power. Their energy-saving choices will help them save nearly 130,000 kWh per year, reduce monthly electric demand by almost 25 kW, and avoid annual energy costs of more than $8,000. Rebates and energy savings brought payback to around two years. Read more
Frizzell Furniture Gallery Frizzell Furniture Gallery
The store recently converted to a closed-loop geothermal heating and cooling system and replaced its showroom and storage lighting with light emitting diodes (LEDs) and T8 fluorescents. Read more
College of St. Scholastica College of St. Scholastica
Building science rules in the newly expanded Science Center at The College of St. Scholastica. Read more
International Bildrite, Inc. International Bildrite, Inc.
International Bildrite continues to experience the Power of One® by exploring other technologies and behavioral changes that could make its operations more energy effective. Read more
St. Otto's Care Center St. Otto's Care Center
Over the past two years, St. Otto's has been transformed from a tired and worn facility to a bright, cheerful environment with fresh paint, new flooring, energy- efficient lighting and windows, and attractive furnishings. Read more
Marshik Dairy Farm Marshik Dairy Farm
The farm's environmentally friendly nature is evident from miles away. Perched on a hill, it features a towering, 20 kW wind turbine, erected in 2007, to generate green, renewable energy. Read more
IKONICS® Corporation IKONICS® Corporation
Conservation improvements, such as fans with variable frequency drive motors, energy efficient lighting, and high performance HVAC equipment, help IKONICS save thousands of dollars per year. Read more
Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings
Energy-saving choices are expected to save the company 152,000 kWh per year, reduce monthly electric demand by 26 kW, and avoid nearly $10,000 in energy costs per year. Read more
Members Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU) Members Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU)
The credit union's new data and call center is a model of energy efficiency with innovative lighting and a progressive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Read more
Minnesota Air National Guard Minnesota Air National Guard
As home to the 148th Fighter Wing and its fleet of F-16C Fighting Falcon aircraft, the base requires round-the-clock security with well-lit roads, parking lots, walkways and building entrances. A recent outdoor lighting project is meeting those intense security needs, while cutting energy usage in half. Read more
Animal Allies Humane Society Animal Allies Humane Society
Energy-saving measures are expected to conserve 23,560 kWh in electricity per year, reduce monthly electric demand by 8.4 kW and save Animal Allies Humane Society more than $1,800 in annual energy costs. Read more
Ironworld Development Corporation Ironworld Development Corporation
New energy-efficient air conditioning units and economizers are saving Ironworld nearly $5,000 in annual electric costs. Read more
Iron Range Resources Iron Range Resources
Iron Range Resources is making energy-efficiency improvements at its headquarters in Eveleth, Minn. Read more
Mann Lake Ltd. Mann Lake Ltd.
During a recent plant expansion, Minnesota Power helped Mann Lake Ltd. identify energy-saving measures that will save the company nearly $13,000 per year. Read more
Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning
First National Plaza in Cloquet tests cool technology. The system controls when and where refrigerant is circulated, based on the temperature requirements of each zone. Read more
Energy Design Conference & Expo 19th Annual Energy Design Conference & Expo—Commercial Track
Commissioning and retro-commissioning were featured topics at this year's conference. A new track was offered specifically focused on improving the energy performance of commercial facilities. Read more
Cirrus Design Cirrus Design
Cirrus Design has made a conscious decision to save electricity, lower costs, improve productivity and benefit the environment through energy conservation. Read more
Little Falls Little Falls
The "City of Lights" display switches to LED and is expected to conserve an estimated 52,256 kWh of electricity per year, lower monthly demand by 56.8 kW, and save $5,000 in annual energy costs. Read more
Magnum Machining Magnum Machining
Energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls will save Magnum Machining 368,230 kWh per year. Read more
Security Jewelers Security Jewelers
Converting all overhead and display lighting to energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures will save Security Jewelers around $3,000 per year on it's electric bill. Read more
Bullyan RV Bullyan RV
Bullyan is a demonstration site for energy-efficient lighting, including interior high bay fluorescents, a brilliant LED display, and shielded parking lot lights with timers and sensors. Read more
Holiday Inn, Duluth Holiday Inn, Duluth
Over the past four years, the Holiday Inn has completed many energy projects that save money and benefit guests at the same time. Read more
BendTec, Inc. BendTec, Inc.
Energy Efficiency Is More Than a Pipe Dream. Recent plant improvements save $51,174 per year in energy costs and qualified for more than $55,000 in PowerGrant rebates. Read more
Black Bear Expansion Black Bear Expansion
A major expansion project underway at its Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minn. is designed to conserve natural resources and use energy wisely. Read more
Canal Park Lodge Canal Park Lodge
Canal Park Lodge developers worked closely with Minnesota Power to improve the 116-unit facility's energy performance. Read more
Federal Prison Camp Federal Prison Camp
The Federal Prison Camp is making great strides in energy conservation while providing job skill training to inmates. Read more
Whole Foods Co-op Whole Foods Co-op
Whole Foods Co-op is the first retail space in Minnesota to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Read more
Hubbard United Methodist Church Hubbard United Methodist Church
A $4,878 PowerGrant rebate from Minnesota Power helped offset the cost of installing a geothermal heat pump system in the new building. Read more
Hoyt Lakes Arena Hoyt Lakes Arena
The new arena lighting will conserve approximately 65,282 kWh and reduce monthly demand by 16.6 kW, saving the city $3,900 per year. Read more
Jerry's SuperValu Jerry's SuperValu
Jerry's SuperValu in Pine River, Minn., has reduced its energy usage by nearly 10 percent by implementing conservation systems on its coolers and freezers. Read more
Lester Park Gymnasium Lester Park Gymnasium
New high-bay fluorescent fixtures and lighting controls cut the electrical costs of lighting the Lester Park gym by 70%, from $524 to $156 per year. Read more
Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital: Expansion Takes Healthy Approach to Conservation
Energy efficiency in CMH's $15-million expansion will save the hospital more than $60,000 per year. Read more
Greenway Public Schools Greenway Public Schools: Gym Lighting Project Scores Savings
New energy efficient lighting in the Greenway High School Gym offers reduced glare, instant on/off capabilities and cost savings. Read more
Upper Lakes Foods Upper Lakes Foods: New Lighting Consumes Less Energy and Saves Money
New fluorescent lighting makes it work easier. Read more
Hill Annex Mine State Park Hill Annex Mine State Park: New Pumps Reduce Drain on Budget
The new electric pump at Hill Annex Mine saves the State of Minnesota more than $100,000 per year. Read more
Little Store Little Stores: Big Energy Savers
Best Oil Company's newest Little Store in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood incorporates energy-saving lighting and other technologies. Read more
Banta Publications Banta Publications: Conservation by the Book
Recent conservation projects, including a new energy management system (EMS), a plant-wide lighting conversion and an upgraded cooling system have reduced annual energy usage by more than 5,000,000 kWh. Read more
Oak Hill/Dairy Ridge Agriculture: Farms Reap Savings through Energy Efficiency
A healthy agricultural industry is critical to Minnesota's economy. Cost-conscious farmers always are looking for ways to cut expenses and reap a profit from their hard work. Read more
Gold'n Plump Poultry Gold'n Plump Poultry: New Ventilation Hatches Energy Savings
Converting poultry barns like this one near Pierz, Minn. to an energy-efficient, tunnel ventilation system improves productivity and lowers energy costs for Gold'n Plump. Read more
ME Elecmetal ME Elecmetal: Innovation Casts Foundry as a Leader
Technology being tested would eliminate furnace downtime, speed production and save energy. Read more
UMD UMD: Energy Efficiency Down to a Science
Energy-saving technologies in UMD's new Swenson Science Building qualified for a $102,000 PowerGrant rebate from Minnesota Power. Read more
Georgia Pacific Georgia Pacific: Compressing Energy Costs
Maintenance and engineering personnel aggressively look for ways to reduce electric demand, lower energy usage and save money. Read more
Herbert Service Center Herbert Service Center (HSC): A Model of Energy Efficiency
Recent remodeling has transformed HSC facility to a demonstration site for high-performance fluorescent lighting, passive solar energy and resource-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems that reduce electrical demand and usage. Read more
TEAM Industries TEAM Industries: Conservation Is a Winning Approach
Continuous engineering and process improvements help give TEAM a competitive edge in an increasingly global market. Read more
Building Operator Certification Building Operator Certification (BOC) Comes to Minnesota
BOC is a professional development program for operations and maintenance staff. Its goal is to encourage conservation by training individuals in the latest energy-saving technologies. Read more
SMDC SMDC Takes the LEED® in Health Care Design
SMDC's new 240,000-square-foot 1st Street Building in Duluth is a model of “Healthy Building” design and construction that incorporates concepts, materials and systems to enhance human and environmental health. Read more
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