ASHP/ECM Combo Rebate for New Furnaces

$600 Combo Rebate

on ENERGY STAR® Qualified ASHP with New ECM Fan Motor in New Forced Air Furnaces*

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Minnesota Power offers a $600 combo rebate on new forced air furnaces (gas, propane, or oil) with integrated Electronically Commutated Fan Motors (ECM) and ENERGY STAR® qualified furnace integrated Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).

Available January 1–December 31, 2019

How to Get Your $600 Combo Rebate on a New Forced Air Furnace with ECM Fan Motor and ENERGY STAR® Qualified ASHP

  • Have a program participating contractor install a new furnace integrated ASHP system. A program participating contractor will provide proper installation services.

    Note: The outside temperature must be at least 65°F to complete the service and verify measurement.

  • The contractor will work with you to ensure your system meets the rebate requirements and it is integrated with your new forced air furnace. He or she will submit the required paperwork.

    Note: ASHPs require specially trained contractors to qualify for the rebate. A CAC or non-ENERGY STAR® ASHP installation may qualify for a $50 Proper Installation Rebate. If you are not replacing an existing furnace but will be adding a qualifying ENERGY STAR® ASHP with ECM fan motor, you may qualify for the $500 Combo Rebate.

Participation Requirements

  • The ASHP must be an ENERGY STAR® qualified, furnace integrated unit.
  • The ECM Fan Motor must be included with the new forced air furnace.
  • You must be a retail customer of a participating utility.
  • The system must be installed by a program participating contractor.

Please allow 8–10 weeks for receipt of rebate check. Limit one rebate per home. Some restrictions may apply.

For questions about the status of your rebate, call 1-800-677-8423 (option 2).

* Minnesota Power and participating municipal utilities, by providing this rebate, do not warrant the equipment or the work of the contractor and are not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the equipment. The sponsoring utilities reserve the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Rebate subject to homeowners working with a participating contractor and to contractor meeting performance standards. The contractor will file the rebate for you.

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