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FREE SmartPak Offer

Available January 1–December 31, 2016 (while supplies last)

What is a SmartPak?

Our SmartPak is a energy- and water-saving kit a—$25 value! You must be a Minnesota Power residential customer with an electric water heater to qualify for the FREE SmartPak.

The SmartPak includes:

  • Water-saving showerhead

  • Two faucet aerators

  • Shower timer

  • Water temperature gauge

  • Helpful instructions

  • Additional information for saving energy and water

Stop Wasting Energy and Water to Get the Most Out of Your Energy Dollar

Most people are surprised to learn that the second largest energy consumer in the home, after space-conditioning, is water heating. Water heating represents up to 25% of energy used in a typical home. The SmartPak energy- and water-saving kit can help you significantly reduce your water usage where you use it most (i.e., baths, sinks and showers).

How to Get Your SmartPak

  • You must be a Minnesota Power residential customer with an electric water heater to be eligible to receive a FREE SmartPak. The SmartPak must be installed in a home serviced by Minnesota Power. If you've received a SmartPak within the last two years, you are not eligible for this offer. If you have a gas water heater, contact your gas utility about an energy- and water-saving kit.

  • To get your FREE SmartPak in the mail, simply complete this form. Clearly indicate that you have an electric water heater and provide your Minnesota Power account number located on your electric bill.

  • Your kit will arrive in six to eight weeks.
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