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Save energy and money by participating in Minnesota Power’s 2016 Business Lighting Promotion!

Energy-saving opportunities are abundant for Minnesota Power business customers, particularly in the area of lighting. Minnesota Power, in coordination with participating lighting manufacturers, distributors, and contractors, is offering special discounted prices on select energy-efficient LED lighting products that can be used to replace out-of-date T12 fluorescent lighting technologies. Follow these simple steps to take advantage of this great offer today!

  1. Work with one of the participating lighting contractors listed below.
    If your preferred contractor is not a Minnesota Power participating contractor, please have them contact Alyssa Kresky at 218-355-2228 or by email at akresky@mnpower.com.
  2. Choose from the list of approved products shown below.
  3. Enjoy your newly upgraded LED lighting and reap the energy- and money-saving benefits!

This special offer is only available from May 1—November 1, 2016. Make plans to save energy and money today!

The customer must work with a participating contractor to qualify for the discounted product prices.

City, State Business Name Contractor Name Phone
Akeley, MN Northern States Electric, Inc. Susan Walter 218-652-4227
Aurora, MN Amptek Electric Lance Johnson 218-229-0100
Baxter, MN Holden Electric Co, Inc Jesse Johnson 218-829-4759
Chisholm, MN Ryan's Independent Electric, Inc. Ryan Baumgard 218-254-4931
Chisholm , MN Tromco Electric Thomas Johnson 218-254-2612
Cloquet, MN Cloquet Electrical Contractors Inc. John Haverkamp 218-428-6201
Deer River, MN Benham Electric Dan Benham 218-246-9435
Deer River, MN Goggleye Electric, Inc. Derek Goggleye 218-244-3216
Duluth, MN NYLUND Electric Steve Becks 218-324-5706
Duluth, MN Simco Electric John Simonson 218-340-5436
Duluth, MN Electric Systems of Duluth Bo Austinson 218-722-0764
Duluth, MN Duluth Electrical Contracting Inc. John Stephen 218-390-2819
Duluth, MN Lenard Electric Jim Lenard 218-721-4707
Duluth, MN Hunt Electric Corporation Rick Johnson 218-348-0863
Duluth , MN Parsons Electric Matthew Laveau 218-725-3429
Duluth, MN Yax Electrical Inc. William Yax 218-724-8450
Grand Rapids, MN Hopkins Electric Larry and Terry Hopkins 218-326-2554
International Falls, Kennedy Electric LLC Kurt Kennedy 218-244-7512
International Falls, MN Kantor Electric Inc. Barrett Olson 218-283-8319
International Falls, MN Davis Electric Howard Davis 218-283-2005
Long Prairie, MN Levin Electric Inc. Les and Jason Levin 320-732-3984
Melrose, MN Oak Electric Service Inc. Tom Hoppe 320-250-3368
Menahga, MN North Central Electrical Contracting Inc. Keith Haataja 218-252-4021
Pine River, MN Pine River Electric Incorporated Tyler Smith 218-587-2641
Sebeka, MN Zenergy LLC Clink Kyllonen 218-837-5155
Sebeka, MN Les' Electric Eric Ravnaas 218-837-5547
Superior, WI Belknap Electric Ken Larson 715-394-7769
Superior, WI Benson Electric Co. Nathan Sapik 715-394-5547
Virginia, MN Town & Country Electric Ben Kaiser 218-741-4618
Virginia, MN Hunt Electric Corporation Brice Pierce 218-310-6476
Virginia, MN Hometown Electric Howie 218-741-0440

Check back as more contractors will be added to the list.

The contractor must file the required paperwork for the customer. Minnesota Power, by providing this discount, does not warrant the equipment or the work of the participating contractor and is not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the equipment. For information on how to become a participating contractor, contact Alyssa Kresky at 218-355-2228 or by email at akresky@mnpower.com.

The products in this list have met the required specifications and have been approved for this promotion.

Columbia Lighting
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: LCAT22-30/35/40ML/HLX-XXXU
  • 2’X4’ LED Troffer: LCAT24-30/35/40LW/MLX-XXXU
  • 2’X2’ LED Troffer: LJT22-30/35/40MLX-XXXX-XU
  • 2’X4’ LED Troffer: LJT24-30/35/40LWX-XXXX-XU
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): SLK22-30/35/40HL-XXXU
  • 2’X4’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): SLK24-30/35/40LW-XXXU
  • 4’ LED Striplight: LXEM4-30/35/40-LW-XX-EDU
Energy Solutions International, Inc. (ESI)
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): K-22LX-L2VN-35/40-Fr/D
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): K-24LX-L4N/L4H-35/40-Fr/D
  • 4’ LED Striplight: F-14VX-N4S / N4H / N4V-35/40-X
  • 4’ LED Vapor Tight Strip: F-14VA-F4M / F4S / F4H /F4VN -35/40-X
  • 2’X2’ LED Troffer: BT 22 0 A3 A V WHTE
Industrial Lighting Products (ILP)
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): LANCE22-30/35WLED-UNIV-XX
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): LANCE24-35WLED-UNIV-XX
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: VOLA22-30/35WLED-UNIV-40-XXXX
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer: VOLA24-35WLED-UNIV-40-XXXX
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: FLT22-30WLED-UNIV-35/40
  • 2’X4’ LED Troffer: FLT24-30WLED-UNIV-35/40
  • 1’x4’ 2-lamp LED Strip W/OUT LENS (Retrofit): RF 32 U Q T1 35/40
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): 2VTL2R 33L ADP EZ1 LP835
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer (Retrofit): 2VTL4R 40L ADP EZ1 LP830/LP835/LP 840
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: 2BLT2 33L ADP EZ1 LP835
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer: 2BLT4 40L ADP LP840, 2BLT4 46L ADP LP835/LP840
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: 2GTL2 3300LM LP835/840
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer: 2GTL4 4400LM LP835/840
  • 4’ LED Striplight: ZL1N L48 5000LM FST MVOLT 40K 80CRI WH
  • 4’ LED Striplight: 4SLSTP4040DD-UNV
  • 2’x2’ LED EvoKit Troffer (Retrofit): Product #506741: P 32L 30W 835 2 0-10 7 G3
  • 2’x2’ LED EvoKit Troffer (Retrofit): Product #: 506766 P 32L 28W 840 2 0-10 7 G3
  • 2’x4’ LED EvoKit Troffer (Retrofit): Product #: 507038 P 42L 36W 840 2 0-10 7 G3
  • 2’x4’ LED EvoGrid Troffer: 2EVG43L835/840-4-UNV-DIM
  • 4’ FluxStream Strip: LF4FR3940ULAG
  • 4’ FluxStream Strip: LF4EZ3840ULAG
  • 4’ FluxStream Strip: LF4FR3940UDZT
RAB Lighting
  • 2’x4’ LED Troffer: SWISH2X4-39 N/Y/YN / D10
  • 2’x2’ LED Troffer: SWISH2X2-29 N/Y/YN / D10
RDA Lighting
  • 4’ LED Vapor Tight Strip: LFW-LED40-B-4K-TG-X

*This list will be updated as new products are approved.

How do you become a participating contractor?

You must attend a brief contractor information session with a Minnesota Power representative. At this session you will have the opportunity to sign up to become a participating contractor and learn more about this promotion and its benefits.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for an information session, please call Alyssa Kresky at (218) 355-2228 or email at akresky@mnpower.com.

Participating Distributors
  • Arrow Electrical Supply, Inc.
  • Border States Electric
  • Dakota Supply Group
  • Graybar Electric
  • Great Lakes Electrical Equipment Company, Inc.
  • ON2 Solutions
  • Viking Electric Supply Inc.
  • Werner Electric Ventures, LLC
  • WESCO Distribution

Questions about this promotion? Call 218-355-2228 or email akresky@mnpower.com

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